The American Ambassador to Uganda H.E. Deborah R. Malac greets Director Beatrice Lagada Amongi (Mrs) of the  NMS Board of Directors, at the Launch of NMS+ [Feb 15th 2019] as other Directors of the NMS Board look on.

What is NMS PLUS?

NMS Plus is a set of Enterprise Resource Planning tools – Centralized database, Self-service Portal, Suppliers and Customers external portals, Mobile applications, workflow notifications, approvals management engine, secure access, that provides fully integrated business processes and business intelligence reporting capabilities.
NMS Plus represents a new way of doing business through the automation of most of the business processes aimed at procuring, storing and delivery of essential medicines and medical supplies

NMS Plus Background

The Government of Uganda adopted a national e-Government framework for the implementation of e-governance in the public sector including the health sector. The Ministry of Health developed, in 2016,  a National e-Health Policy aimed at overseeing the effective utilization of ICT. NMS Plus is key milestone in implementation of the e-governance in the public sector mainly in the procuring, storing and delivery of essential medicines and medical supplies. Below is a  summary of  the different benefits of implementing NMS Plus. 

Customer Service

NMS Plus enables secure access to Customer system Portals (NMS Personnel, Suppliers and Health Facilities). This Provides high quality Customer Service, improves Customer Satisfaction and increases Customers' interaction not only with NMS but with all stakeholders.

Enhanced Reporting and Visibility

NMS Plus has ensured regulatory and statutory reporting compliance based on quality data and has provided overall business visibility through business process standardization and optimized monitoring. This has made NMS reporting easier as opposed to consolidating numerous manually managed Excel sheets

Real Time Data

NMS Plus provides a single source of truth to NMS business operations. This increases customer satisfaction and overall business data accuracy through instant data availability. NMS Plus further manages financials, assets, stock, orders and HR data in real-time.

Automation and Integration

 NMS Plus integrates with other national systems via APIs such as DHIS2, IFMIS, NIRA, NSSF,NDA so as to respond and share business data with Partners and Stakeholders for proper planning, reporting and accountability purposes. 

New Modern Technology

NMS Plus has replaced old ERP legacy systems and reduced the  IT maintenace cost. It has enabled mobility and secured system access anytime and anywhere from a centralized database. It has further provided a modern real-time inventory status.

Efficiency & Flexibility

NMS Plus has greatly reduced repetitive processes and numerous manual steps and eliminated "silo" business practices. This has increased collaborative cross-functional efforts and introduced a modern, robust and configurable system

NMS’ Role in NMS Plus

The NMS Plus project is an initiative of the Government of Uganda, implemented through NMS and supported by development partners (USAID)
NMS which is responsible for procuring, storing and delivery of essential medicines and medical supplies is taking lead in the implementation of the NMS Plus. 

Other stakeholders include Ministry of Health which is responsible for the policy and implementation oversight, and NITA-U which is responsible for oversight of all national e-government initiatives
On behalf of Government of Uganda, together with the American Ambassador to Uganda H.E. Deborah R. Malac,  and Dr. Jotham Musinguzi, we launched the installation & implementation of the USAID funded NMS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project dubbed ‘NMS Plus’ which will increase accountability & transparency in drug supply chain